About Us

Farley White Interests was founded in 1995 by John F. Power and Roger "Sam" Altreuter and specializes in quality commercial properties located in MA, NH, CT & FL. Farley White Management Company is located in Boston with site offices in Boston, Lowell and Billerica, Massachusetts as well as Bedford, New Hampshire and Tampa, Florida. We own and operate over 4 million square feet of commercial buildings which serve over 250 tenant customers. These buildings range from converted nineteenth-century textile mill space to extremely modern structures and include office buildings, industrial buildings and land.

Our company's success is based on an intense effort to evaluate the unique strengths of an individual property and foresee how those attributes can be enhanced. Our approach to each property is a comprehensive process beginning well before, and lasting beyond, the completed real estate transaction.

Our buildings
At Farley White, we are passionate about buildings. Our properties are not viewed simply as "assets". Instead, we strive to appreciate each building for the qualities that make it unique. We devote time to making sure that the distinctive attributes and potential of each building are maximized by focusing on the details that we know, over time, will improve the overall appeal and value of the property.

Our communities
The importance of commercial developments in any community is easy to underestimate. Not only do they host jobs and provide important tax revenue, but these developments are also where members of the community spend large amounts of time. As a result, the quality of the development is fundamental in making it a positive location within the community. We are constantly mindful of this and the fact that our properties are part of a larger physical and human community.

Our tenants
Our approach to property ownership has a hands-on, service-orientated focus — our bottom line is your bottom line. We pride ourselves in making sure tenancy at a Farley White property is uncomplicated so our customer's primary focus can be on their own business' success.

Our employees
At Farley White, we employ a staff of over 40 people who all share an enthusiasm for our properties. This passion results in highly-responsive service for our tenants and committed attention to detail which ultimately result in positive economic returns.

Our investors
Increasingly, commercial real estate is treated strictly as a commodity. At Farley White, we take a different approach. We look beyond the face-value of a property and take the time and necessary steps to achieve superior returns. We believe that quality matters and that, ultimately, higher quality means higher occupancies, lower costs and the upward migration of the properties in competitive markets.